STREAMING: Lycia “Monday Is Here”

“Monday Is Here is about something that happened in my childhood that effects how I still perceive things,” says lead dreamweaver Mike VanPortfleet.

Indeed, for everyone Monday is–to be literal–is here. Today, the beginning of the week starts. Today, the march toward the weekend begins. Today, is, well, Monday. But it’s about to get significantly better. Lycia, motivated after 2013’s excellent Quiet Moments, have returned with A Line That Connects, a startingly fantastic record that brings back memories of Lycia’s mid-’90s triumphs (like The Burning Circle and Then Dust and Cold). In fact, we’ve got A Line That Connects‘ most riveting track–according to our ears–on display on, well, Monday.

So enjoy the solitude, the transcendental, the unforgiving Monday-ness of Lycia’s “Monday is Here”.

Lycia’s A Line That Connects is out soon on the fantastic Handmade Birds label. Pre-orders aren’t up yet, but direct your melancholic self HERE.