VIDEO PREMIERE: Paradise Lost “Beneath Broken Earth”

“I fucking hate metal band performance videos,” says Paradise Lost guitarist Greg Mackintosh (also of Vallenfyre), “so when I got told that we needed to do one I was obviously annoyed but then came the idea to do a performance video of utter misery. The slowest song we have ever recorded. ‘Beneath Broken Earth’ is utter, old-school Paradise Lost doom/death song and doing a performance video with our miserable, old faces barely moving in a crappy, old basement was too much to resist. The director Ash has done a great job of capturing the sombre mood and has managed to make a performance video we can actually be proud of.

Mackintosh’s sentiments towards filming a video for his main labor of love couldn’t be more British. The fact that the doom metal legend wasn’t chuffed about filming a band video, but acquiesced when he learned the format would be “old-school” with a bit of “utter misery” in the vein of early ’90s era Paradise Lost, well, says volumes about the six-stringer. Now, for a word on Paradise Lost’s new album, The Plague Within, from which “Beneath Broken Earth” originates. The Brits’ have come nearly full circle after decades of service on The Plague Within. While fans into the Host era may feel disillusioned by the return of Nick Holmes and team’s death-doom roots, The Painless are keenly interested in the sound that inspired many and launched a sub-genre.

Time for “utter misery” with “miserable, old faces” in moving pictures form. Bring on “Beneath Broken Earth”!

** Paradise Lost’s new album, The Plague Within, is out June 1st on Century Media Records. Pre-orders are available HERE for The Painless (and everyone else).