What Lies Between Death & Discovery: Exclusive Taphos Nomos Premiere!

On its crazy diverse leveler of a debut EP West of Everything Lies Death Pittsburgh-based Taphos Nomos — a band which counts a mystery Decibel writer amongst its pseudonymous ranks — summons forth a mesmerizing trio of blackened death doom epics full of pummels, shreds and unforeseeable left turns.

Here’s what vocalist Mountain of Doom told us by way of preparing us to experience the exclusive stream of “Pyroclastic Flow (Hellbent On Destruction)” below: 

Our songs are about death occurring in nature or nature killing man. For the songs “Pyroclastic” and “Swallowed,” nature is not a passive force; nature overcomes humanity. In “Mycelium,” fungus overcomes a human, but posthumously. How the person died is unknown. Taphonomical studies revealed nothing; autopsies are out of our jurisdiction. We are fascinated exclusively with what lies between death and discovery. The obsidian race in “Pyroclastic”; the complete loss of self in “Swallowed”; and the foundation for the fungal kingdom in “Mycelium.” Murder and violence are not what inspire us in Taphos Nomos. Rather, we are invigorated by the aesthetic of indifferent nature overcoming pathetic humans.

Get into it, pathetic humans.