Get Your Trance On: Exclusive LAE Premiere!

Sit back, y’all. Steve Austin-affiliated psychedelic post-rockers LAE are about to take you to another plane of existence via the title track of the album Break the Clasp out next week. (Physical pre-order here; digital here.)
Here’s what the band has to say about the track…

In the last months of our previous band, Lae-Tseu, we had a riff that never made it to a real song. When we formed our next project ‘Désirs Démodés’, we developed that same idea but as a three-piece band (bass, guitar and drums). It was a good song but still sounded a little empty. It was called “The Mermaid Will Drown All Your Tears” back then. We still call it “Mermaid” from time to time. With Lae, we took it to another level. It started in the studio. While we were recording Marc was super into it and kept on playing his guitar at the end of the song. The song was supposed to be over but he was making signs for us to keep playing along with him. So we did and the end of the song is totally improvised. It might not be an easy listening track with its complex structure but we feel that it is the song from the album that represents us the best with its different parts and moods. The textures with the electronics, with Steve’s guitar and vocals and above all, our friend Chrissy’s back-up vocals that really sound like a mermaid singing, makes it one of our favorite songs of the album…especially the end!