Decibrity Playlist: Broughton’s Rules

** Broughton’s Rules are from Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It’s a former rustbelt city that’s experienced a rennaisance in recent memory. Its citizens are no-bullshit and its music, espeically Broughton’s Rules, follow a similar mindset. Well, Broughton’s Rules (formed out of the ashes of instrumental wonderkids Don Caballero) aren’t terribly bad-ass, though their name is taken from John “Jack” Broughton, an English boxer known for fighting gloveless and codifying boxing’s first set of “official” rules. Before we meander too much down six lanes of consciousness (i.e., bullshittery), the members of Broughton’s Rules thought it would be cool to present nine (9) bands from Pittsburgh that need some listening attention. Why 9? Because 10 is so 2013. Enjoy the noise! Oh, and they have a new album out called, Anechoic Horizon. Don’t even ask us what “anechoic” means.
1) The Gotobeds “Wasted On Youth” (Poor People Are Revolting 2014)
Here’s The Gotobeds running around Pittsburgh. The last time I saw them it was on a boat.

2) Night Vapor “Diamond Ring” (Mind Cure 7″ A-side 2014)
2) Night Vapor “Diamond Ring” (Mind Cure 7″ A-side 2014)

3) Killer of Sheep “Clouds” (Out Of Time 2012)
This band will knock you into next week.

4) Damon Che “Oh, Suzanna” (Membraphonics compilation 2001)
Damon on all duties.

5) Grand Buffet “Cool as Hell” (Pittsburgh Hearts 2003)
Dynamic Duo

6) Carousel “On My Way” (Jewelers Daughter 2013)
Hard hitting paulfistinyourface song. Also saw them play on a boat.

7) T-Tops “Wipe Down” (2014)
Noisy heaviness. Our rehearsal space roommates.

8) Barons “Wartime” (7″ 2014)
Debut 7″ A-side.

9) Mike Tamburo Crown of Eternity “Sound Creation Earth Gongs 32″ and 26” (2013)
Mike making amazing sounds with his gongs.

** Broughton’s Rules new album, Anechoic Horizon, is out now on Relapse Records. The fine folk at Relapse Records made it available on retro-cool CD (HERE) and ultra-modern vinyl (HERE). Just for you, oh residents of the wonder that is the Primanti’s Sandwich shop and lover of all that’s loud from a city that formerly made its way with steel. Heavy…