Holiday shopping is the worst. If you’re buying for a non-metalhead, that is. Luckily, we don’t associate with those kinds of jerks! So, if you or a loved one are an avid collector of our rare, exclusive and esteemed Flexi Series, we’ve got just the thing to put the grin in your Grinch: the brand new Deluxe Edition Flexi Collector’s Box!
Our original (now sold out) box fit a mere eight sleeves/flexis, but this updated version fits 24. Now you can store/protect two year’s worth of discs. The series just keeps expanding — we’ll be delivering our 50th flexi in the February issue — and 2015 boasts a murderer’s row of extreme music talent: We’re already confirmed to bring you new flexis from the likes of Nails,Orange Goblin and My Dying Bride! You couldn’t stop us from bringing flexis back; now you can only hope to contain them.

Pick up the Deluxe Edition Flexi Collector’s Box right here. Note: this item will ship on December 11, which means customers will have them before Xmas.