Looking for Trouble: The Skull’s “For Those Which Are Asleep” Album Stream

Apparently there are two competing versions of doom progenitors Trouble now – at least this one isn’t called “Trouble featuring Eric Wagner” or something like that. This iteration does feature Wagner’s inimitable pipes, along with bassist Ron Holzner and drummer Jeff “Oly” Olson – and while Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin’s guitars were obviously important, that monolithic rhythm section was absolutely key. As fun as last year’s The Distortion Field was, The Skull make it clear that the official Trouble need to keep their game up. For Those Which Are Asleep feels like an unabashed slice of old-school doom, swinging and trudging in all the right ways. Check it out for yourself below.

***For Those Which Are Asleep comes out November 4 on Teepee. You can order it here, and keep up with the band at their official website here.