STREAMING: Ladder Devils “Clean Hands”

Philly noise merchants Ladder Devils aren’t the most verbose of bands. They don’t have long, philosophical treatises on the whys, hows and whens of their origins and music. They simply state: “We are a four-piece band from Philadelphia and we make music.” OK, they’ve added a bit more: “Ladder Devils, formed in 2009 are a noisy rock outfit from Philadelphia.” They don’t compare themselves to anyone, say they’re influenced by anyone (unless you dig a bit), or follow anything in particular (maybe the 13th Street restaurant scene). What we do know is the name of the band was, in fact, a Minor Times tune. Minor Times were, at one stage, Philly’s most visible metalcore (a la Botch) outfit.
So, why all this, uh, noise about Ladder Devils? They have a new album coming out on Brutal Panda Records (also a Philly staple) called Clean Hands. Naturally, Brutal Panda and Ladder Devils want people to hear it before it comes out, a sign of the times-type deal, and have therefore partnered with us to present the full stream of Clean Hands. Which is, to be frank, cool, ’cause we dig Ladder Devils’ not-so-morbid angle.

Clean Hands was a long, slow process,” says the main brains at Ladder Devils. “We spent the better part of 2013 writing and recording it. The record is still loose and noisy but has more definition than our previous stuff. We are pretty proud of this one.”

Climb down the ladder to the lowest rungs of awesome with Ladder Devils’ Clean Hands.

** Ladder Devil’s new album, Clean Hands, is out November 4th on Brutal Panda Records. It’s available for order HERE on vinyl and HERE as a digital album.