Metal Yoga With André Foisy #3

André Foisy plays guitar in Locrian and is a certified yoga instructor who teaches at Turbodog Yoga in Chicago, IL. You can find his yoga teaching schedule and more information about him on his blog.

A lot of musicians get wrist problems. Playing guitar, bass or pounding on drums places a lot of strain on the wrists. Typing and texting doesn’t help. People do lots of things to numb the pain: painkillers, alcohol, or whatever, but that pain is just your body’s way of saying that you have weak wrists that are misaligned. I see these issues frequently in my students.

Many people get surgery for wrist pains. In most cases, people could prevent having surgery by strengthening and aligning the wrists with the proper poses. Trust me, surgery is great when Carcass sings about it, but it’s something that you want to prevent if possible.

Today, I’ll share a Turbodog yoga pose called Eagle Claw that’s great for strengthening and stretching the wrists.

Here’s a video I made about how to do the pose properly:

-Keeps your paws strong
-Strengthens the muscles in the wrist
-Helps to property align bones in the wrists
-Helps prevent and heal carpal tunnel syndrome