A “Festering” Ear Worm: Exclusive Acrania Premiere!

Thanks to Acrania the world shall soon no longer need wonder what it would sound like if George Orwell served as spiritual advisor to a uber-brutal modern death metal band — these London slammers’ kinetic, oppressive, appropriately-titled debut full-length Totalitarian Dystopia will answer that question in fairly definitive fashion at the end of next month.
What? Worried this assessment might be doublespeak? Set your mind at ease with the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for the sick grind-y jam “Festering With Dishonesty” below:


Totalitarian Dystopia, out August 19, features guest appearances from Tom Barber of Lorna Shore, Mendel of Aborted, and Jamie Hanks of I Declare War. For more information visit on Unique Leader.