Give Praise To Oderus, Win GWAR Bobbleheads

The death of Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus, was one of the biggest bummers to hit the world of the extremely extreme in a long time. However, we shouldn’t forget Brockie’s mission: uninhibited creativity and fun.
So, we’re teaming with our friends at Aggronautix to give away ONE pair of these amazing and rare GWAR bobblehead versions of Oderus Urungus and Balsac “The Jaws of Death.” Only 1,000 sets are being made and we have ONE pair to give away. If you don’t want to risk it you can preorder them here.

For a chance to win these gems, we are looking for the following:

— A YouTube video containing an ode to Oderus. It can be an original song; a lyrical poem; karaoke to a GWAR song with original lyrics; spoken word. You can dress up as Oderus or your favorite GWAR member. Filthy and goofy is desirable. Reply with your video in the comment section.

The winning video will be honored with their own post on the Deciblog and receive eternal praise, and get a set of these bobbleheads. Or, you can wait five years and pay hundreds on eBay. Get to work! Entries are due by May 26.