Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski (Behemoth) Interview Excerpts

** March 2014. An eternity ago. We featured Behemoth on the cover, in which frontman Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski goes through his tribulations with career, state, and cancer. Darski’s also a bit of a traveler, too. We found five quotes that weren’t used for the March 2014 issue (DB #113) that remind us why Darski (and Behemoth) rule.
On lyrics for The Satanist
Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski: There is free interpretation of the lyrics. I never want to take that away from the reader. Behemoth lyrics aren’t really about giving answers. My new lyrics are very radical. The metaphors are radical to shake people, to stimulate them, to open up their minds. They can do whatever they want with the lyrics. Behemoth has always been about asking questions and never really getting the answers. That’s my concept of freedom, really. The title, The Satanist, is very radical. Freedom has many faces. Satan is one of the most misunderstood characters in Western Civilization due to Christian manipulation. To me, Satan stands for human values. Satan has been demonized and cast aside, ’cause Christianity needed a scapegoat. What we’re trying to do is bring back the distinct and noble character of this individual, this archetype. That’s basically the concept behind The Satanist.

Krzysztof Azarewicz’s mysterious absence from The Satanist
Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski: For some reason, Krzysztof was occupied with other activities and he didn’t have much time to cooperate on The Satanist. There are some songs Krzysztof contributed on. His input and influence hasn’t been as present as on previous records. That’s both good and bad. I really had to kick my own ass to go deeper, to find inspiration. It’s refreshing now that I look back on it, actually. I really managed it. I’m proud of these lyrics. They’re different. They’re more mature from the things I’ve done before. They’re dear children of mine. I’m proud of my words. My lyrics are like a dialogue to people I look up to. People whose opinions are dear to me. I know they know it. So, it wasn’t just Krzysztof this time, but I was also working with Zbigniew Bielak, who came up with the mirror concept for the cover. That’s on the limited edition of the record. He’s known for his work with Ghost and Watain. He’s an artist and a friend of mine. He’d help me out with the lyrics, to tune them up. The same with Sharon Wennekers. She’s been helping me out for the last few albums and she’s a native English speaker. She’s always available to help me out. My number one language obviously in Polish. Native speakers have a different sense. I always want to make sure I’m speaking my mind clearly. [Laughs]

A connection between The Apostasy and Evangelion and The Satanist?
Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski: First of all, I look at every record as a separate, autonomic being. They’re all linked to each other because of the people behind them, but they’re not connected. When I was mixing The Satanist, I didn’t even listen to previous records. Not one note. I don’t compare things. The past does not influence today’s activities. I really focus on the present and the moment. I don’t look too much ahead. I learned my lessons from the past. Whatever I do today is the fruit of the collective experiences from the past. The present day and life, in general, stimulates me enough. To go on.

Nergal has the answer to life?
Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski: Then again, I can’t give you the ultimate concept of freedom. I don’t know it. I’m an ever-searching soul and I’m trying to find my way through this maze. I’m trying to make my world happy and my world complete. What I’m telling you and other people through my art is to find your own way, think for yourself, open up your mind, fight your freedom. But you must define it. If you don’t know it, look for the definition. It might take one year, 10 years, or your whole life, but the search is worthwhile.

No regrets–musical or otherwise–and happiness. Sure, why not?
Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski: I’m proud of everything we’ve done, but I’m not entirely happy with the majority of the records. If I had to select titles, what they all have in common is the people who created them. They put all their heart, their blood, their passion—everything!—into making them. They expressed themselves the best they could. I put more in than I can give on each record. I always burnout after each record. I never regret a single fucking thing I’ve done for this band. It brought me to the point where I’m at now. Trust me, I’m probably the happiest person on earth. And I live one of the most intensive philosophies and ideologies. The music we do is really disturbing, extreme, and radical. Fuck miserable people! I’m not one of them.