Spell Song Premiere: “Possessed By Heavy Metal”

Candles?  Flowing hair?  Human bones?  Leather?  Bullet belts?  A moustache?  Song titles like “Shocker” and “Possessed by Heavy Metal”?  We all know what this leads to…
Vancouver rollickers Spell used to be called Stryker, and under that earlier name the trio released an EP and a split full of trad-heavy love.  Next month, they’ve enlisted the help of Hard and Heavy Records to release The Full Moon Sessions as reinvigorated entity Spell.  The album seems to be meant as a tying up of loose ends and is intended to beckon prospective fans toward more new material that the band is working on.

When asked for details about the album, vocalist/bassist Cam Mesmer said, “This record, recorded, mixed and mastered under a series of full moons, is a summation our musical process over the past 6 years, as well as a window into the direction we have been taking more recently which will be fully realized on our next release.  If your town still has the bollocks to host cool live shows in unique spots, get in touch and we’ll bring our music to you!”

Decibel also asked – mostly in jest – about the band’s favorite places to score a burger, a question that seemed to raise a bit of unexpected ire:  “Whatever good burger joints there may have been here in Vancouver are quickly getting evicted and bulldozed to make room for faceless corporations and condos, so your best bet these days is to hike up the mountains or out along the coast somewhere nice and grill up your own burger over the fire, that’s what we do.”

On April 19th (Record Store Day) you’ll be able to hear the whole air-guitar-worthy boogying album, but right now you can hear “Possessed by Heavy Metal” on the Deciblog.  And if you’re Canadian and a real planner-aheader, keep scrolling to find out when Spell might be playing in your area later this year.

Happy Friday!  Get “Possessed”!


“Full Moon Sessions” record release shows:

Friday, April 25th, Nanaimo BC:

Saturday, April 26th, Victoria BC:

Friday, May 23rd: Surrey, BC


“Spellbound” Canadian Tour Dates:

Friday, August 22nd: Penticton, BC

Saturday, August 23rd: Calgary, AB

Sunday, August 24th: Edmonton, AB

Monday, August 25th: Saskatoon, SK

Tuesday, August 26th: Regina, SK: O’Hanlon’s

Wednesday, August 27th: Winnipeg, MB

Saturday, August 30th: Montreal, QB

Sunday, August 31st: Quebec City, QB (w Funeral Circle)

Monday, September 1st: Ottawa, ON (w Funeral Circle)

Tuesday, September 2nd: North Bay, ON (w Funeral Circle)

Wednesday, September 3rd: Sudbury, ON (w Funeral Circle)

Thursday, September 4th: Kitchener, ON (w Funeral Circle)

Friday, September 5th: London, ON (w Funeral Circle)

Saturday, September 6th: Toronto, ON: (w Funeral Circle)

Monday, September 8th: Thunder Bay, ON

Tuesday, September 9th: Brandon, MB

Wednesday, September 10th: Moose Jaw, SK

Thursday, September 11th: East Coulee, AB

Friday, September 12th: Banff, AB