STREAMING: Insomnium “Revelation”

“We haven’t changed our style dramatically”, vocalist and bassist Niilo Sevänen explains. “Fans can rest assured that it is still classic Insomnium. Of course there’s also some new flavors here and there, and maybe it’s even more diverse compared with the last album. The easy stuff is easier than before, the heavy stuff is heavier. The contrasts between the songs are probably bigger than on any of our previous albums.”
The truth is we’ve heard Sevänen say this before. Probably starting with second album, Since the Day It All Came Down, and about every album since. And each time, Insomnium’s come out and destroyed all expectations. Remember, “Mortal Share”? Killer. Remember, “Down with the Sun”? Stupidly good. Remember, “Through the Shadows”? Untouchable, really. So, for new album, Shadows of the Dying Sun, the Finns will transcend space, time, and expectations. Which is why we’d like to share with fans of melodic death metal (even old-school fans of NWOSDM and NWOFDM) the new Insomnium cut, “Revelation”. Your weekend just got a lot better, if we may say so ourselves.

** Insomnium’s new album, Shadows of the Dying Sun, is out April 29th on Century Media. It’s not available for pre-order yet, but link to nab previous Insomnium titles is HERE.