STREAMING: Hark “Palendromeda”

What does the word “Hark” mean? It means to “pay attention to”. Who said Decibel never educates? Truth be told, whenever I hear the word “Hark” I immediately think of the song, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing“. But there might be some deep-seated issues with church choir with that one. For the band Hark, the one from Wales, the one emerging from the ashes of cult heroes Taint, well, the name is befitting the sound.

Most of Hark’s signature sound comes from frontman Jimbob Isaac (he’s also an illustrator if that piece of information interests you). He’s throating and hitting the (six) strings. Jimbob’s riffs are labyrinthine yet approachable. They’re noisy yet melodic. Backing Jimbob up are drummer Simon Bonwick and (four) stringer Nikolai Ribnikov (both ex-Whyteleaf). Together, they form a new definition of “power trio.”

The group’s debut album, Crystalline, is coming out on Season of Mist. It was mixed by GodCity’s Kurt Ballou (oh, yeah, he’s also in Converge) and features throat songs by Clutch’s Neil Fallon. Curious? We thought so. Time to dive into “Palendromeda”.

** Hark’s Crystalline is available March 17th on Season of Mist. Pre-orders are available HERE.