Three years after they instructed you to starve before the devil, tech death masters Arsis are back to make you feel unwelcome. Their previous album started with the most accessible thing they’d written to date. The title track from Unwelcome lives up to its name by repelling the casual listener right from the start with a densely-woven gateway of riffs that somehow manage to be both horrific and intriguing in their complexity. It still retains their unique talent for creating catchy tunes out of abrasive material, but it should soothe any fears that they were going to go full-on Arch Enemy this time around. They premiered the final track from the record, “Scornstar,” a couple weeks ago, and we can assure you that everything in between this tune and that one sounds just as awesome. So click play below to get an advance listen, or plug in your email address for a free download – then prepare your neck for some serious whiplash.

***Unwelcome comes out April 30 on Nuclear Blast. You can preorder it here. Also, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, Nuclear Blast will be hosting a free, open-to-the-public pre-listening party for the entire album next Thursday, April 11. Details  here.