VIDEO PREMIERE: Finntroll “Häxbrygd”

Back in April 2010, Decibel pitted Finntroll against Norway’s Troll in a brutal troll-off. The segment, brilliantly titled Under the Bridge, can be found here in dB #66 if you’re at all curious as to who won the bridge battle. Then, in the winter of the Year of Our (Dark) Lord, the festive Finns in Finntroll debuted new tune, “Blodsvept,” to 28,000+ domestic spins and plaudits from the group’s primary audience. We might have not put the prop-ears of Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns or the steam-punk goggled Samuli “Skrymer” Ponsimaa on the cover of our Toilet’s Friend called a magazine yet, but we’ve had a pretty decent relationship all things considered.
This, of course, brings us to the U.S. premiere of new Finntroll video “Häxbrygd,” which translates from Swedish to English as “Witch Broth” or “Witch Stew.” Pretty cool song title that’s bound to be band name for a stoner/occult group from Ohio in 3…2…1. Anyway, “Häxbrygd” showcases Finntroll in all their rollicking glory. Fully costumed and ready for the next cosplay convention, the Finns know how throw a metal party. They’re menacing one moment, skanking the next, smiling and grimacing like they relish what they do. The only things missing from the Robert Rodriguez-esque video are steins of ale and a bevy of heaving wenches.

May “Häxbrygd” put you on the down-slope path to hump day.

** Finntroll’s new album, Blodsvept, is out now on Century Media Records. Furry-footed, rubber-eared, steampunk-painted trollics can acquire, for modest sum of Renny coin, Blodsvept HERE.