CONTEST: Sickest Devourment Song Title Wins You The New Devourment CD

Normally when we do a giveaway in conjunction with streaming media we talk all kinds of rubbish to get you to a link where, inevitably, you’ll email us and then wait an eternity to see if you’re a winner or a loser. Well, since we’re metalheads we’re all winners. Just some get free rad stuff from websites while others don’t. This time, however, we’re asking metalheads to contribute to win. That’s right, a little work for a little brutal death.

Think you have a sense of humor? Or maybe a some type of psychopathic perversion? Of course, it’s the former.

We’re asking you to email us the most offensive Devourment-esque song title. That’s right. Give us something like: “Fetus Juicer,” “Pedo-scatological Romance,” or “Gangling Menstrual Blood-Broth for Supper” (bonus if you can guess the band).

Two (2) lucky bastards will be sent the new Devourment long-player, Conceived in Sewage, if we pick their song as the most offensive, disgusting crap humans conjure up to win physical media.


Send us your psycho-social song title by clicking HERE.

After you submit your song title, have a quick listen to Conceived in Sewage. It’s what all the cool kids are doing today.

** Devourment’s new full-length, Conceived in Sewage, is out now on Relapse Records. It’s available HERE if you think you’ve got a fat chance in Hell to win one of two copies Relapse Records we’re giving away. Then again, if you like Hell who are we to judge?