Scion A/V profiles Season Of Mist

It’s no secret, the audio/vision division of Scion, henceforth known as Scion A/V, has given some amazing opportunities to bands with limited means. Arsis, Revocation, Enslaved, Immolation, Meshuggah, and so on have all benefited from the niche-market, passion-fueled benefactors at Scion A/V. Whether it’s a CD or a 12″, a car used as tour support or Scion A/V’s free Scion Rock Festival series—what promoter would book, say, Neurosis and let kids RSVP to see them for free?!—or the label profile series, there’s massive ups, regardless of what you think of corporate infiltration into underground music, to Scion A/V.

Today, we’ve got Season of Mist and a selection of the label’s artists up for profile. As a person involved with this series—I was the off-camera, off-audio interviewer to be up front—it’s great to see a label like Season of Mist and their dedicated staff get some high-level visibility. The series is broken into three parts, all of which are must-view material not just for fans of Season of Mist but for anyone curious or interested in independent labels, ’cause one is really like the others. They all have a diehard passion for underground music, the artists, and often do it with very little resources, compared to, say, any other entertainment industry. Interviewees are Season of Mist’s Michael Berberian and US Label Manager Gordon Conrad (also pictured above much to his dismay). Props to Season of Mist!

Rapid U.S. Expansion:

Growing the Label:

Superb packaging:

And what would any label be without the artists, right? Check out interviews with Black Sheep Wall, A Life Once Lost, Atheist, The Casualties, and the legendary St. Vitus.

St. Vitus:


A Life Once Lost:

The Casualties:

Black Sheep Wall:

To visit Scion A/V Metal’s site, click HERE. They have all kinds of cool stuff like premieres, Scion A/V radio, and downloads, like this awesome two-song freebie from St. Vitus and The Casualties. Click HERE to download.