Live Evil Festival 2013 will take place on October 18th-20th at the Highbury Garage, London, with two UK exclusive shows from reformed NWOBHM elders SATAN and Ohio slayers MIDNIGHT already confirmed. With bands picked on the condition that they’ve featured in Fenriz of Darkthrone’s Band of the Week blog, Live Evil is resolutely, 100% fundamentally underground. And in lieu of quantum time-travel it’s arguably the only way to commute to the 1984-86 metal scene, where upon arrival you’ll no doubt attain a level of comfortable drunkenness that makes it feel like you are looking at the bands and fellow heshers as though you’ve been fitted with some sort of Betamax retina filter. Hey, someone might even give you a cassette demo, too.
Live Evil’s first two years saw debut UK performances from the likes of IN SOLITUDE and AURA NOIR. Check back to the DECIBLOG for interviews and further line-up announcements. For some video highlights of LIVE EVIL 2011 click HERE. Read more on LIVE EVIL HERE, and at the official LIVE EVIL 2013 site HERE.

As the organisers’ statement says: “Live Evil Festival is an International Heavy Metal Festival presenting the very best underground Black metal, Thrash, Speed, Death, Heavy Metal, Heavy Rock, Metal Punk and Doom bands from around the world. The bands who play it are all handpicked by Live Evil but using Fenriz and his Darkthrone ‘Band of the Week’ choices as an extensive but shortened list to keep quality high and eliminate external pressures. The festival is 100% committed to the fans and bands who play it.”

Young, dumb, and presumably full of the Dark Lord’s cum, Swedish thrashers ANTICHRIST will be playing Friday’s pre-show party upstairs at the Garage (tickets sold separately to the weekend ticket), where it’ll be nice to establish the Golgothan atmosphere before the weekend proper.

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