STREAMING: Finntroll “Blodsvept”

If you’re wondering what “Blodsvept” means, it’s Swedish for “Blood Wrapped” or “Enveloped in Blood.” At least that’s what my rudimentary Swedish tells me. But it sounds pretty brutal coming from Finnish folk metal outfit Finntroll, who have heretofore not dabbled in the art of blood titled songs. Unless you count “Det iskalla trollblodet,” “Slaget vid Blodsälv,” “Blodnatt,” and “Blodmarsch.” What I’m trying to say is that “Blod” has been a long-time theme with the Swedish-tongued Finns and that I’m not very good at drollery.


Nevertheless, Finntroll have a new album coming out. It’s called Blodsvept and the song you’re about to hear is the title track from said album. It brings to mind classic Finntroll without the frolic (except around the 3:00 mark), and perhaps little mid-’90s Dimmu Borgir (the keyboard bits). It’s more direct and far heavier (though Metsatöll’s “Vaid Vaprust” kills it) than most trollic music from mythology-centric bands multiplying like rabbits out of the Old World, and the “Blodsvept” bounce is sure to be a hit with summer festival goers and mead-drinking metallers this year. How about we all grab a frosty one (A&W root beer works if you’re under age or don’t imbibe in alcoholic dryck) and dream about the oncoming Renn Faire season while Finntroll blasts a sanguine one at 11?

** Finntroll’s new album, Blodsvept, is out April 2nd, 2013 on Century Media Records. Pre-orders are still far out, but furry-footed, war-painted Hobbits can acquire, for modest sum of Zenny coin, older Finntroll titles HERE.