Q and A: Satanic Threat

Perhaps the most fun (and subversive) thing to drop in my musical inbox this year: a copy of Satanic Threat’s In To Hell. I missed it in 2008. As soon as I saw the cover — a perfect homage to Minor Threat’s HOF worthy Out Of Step — I was sold. So sold that I ordered a tee-shirt and a copy of the CD from Hell’s Headbangers.
Impulse buys have never steered me in the wrong direction. A quick spin of this loving tribute validated my decision. If the cover art isn’t enough to convince you try streaming the entire album below. It’s a much better homage than the so-so Minor Threat covers on Slayer’s Undisputed Attitude (they did D.I.’s “Richard Hung Himself” much better).

I was so enamoured that I tracked down vocalist Don Of The Dead (also of Nunslaughter) for Q and A on the reissue, available here. Vinyl is expected in March. Get one before they are really gone forever. Bottled violence!

Where did this concept start?

About 10 years ago Jim (drummer) and I were driving around listening to Minor Threat. He mentioned how he would like to hear a Satanic band done in the same style. I was floored. It sounded like a great idea and after many years of talking we finally did it.

Since the original release of this material have you received a lot of requests for a reissue?

Yes. It seems that most people hear about it way to late and missed out on the original seven-inch which only had a pressing of 1,000.

Have you seen anyone charging ridiculous prices for the original pressing of In To Hell?

Not that I am aware of.

How did you get interested in the Minor Threat material?

I came along late in the Minor Threat saga. I was introduced to their music in 1985 and it struck a chord.

Did you ever hear from Ian MacKaye or Dischord?

Yes. Both Ian and Jeff (Nelson) from Minor Threat wrote me back. I sent them both records and they seemed flattered. I have the utmost respect for both of them.

Are you straight edge?

Hell no.

Now that the band is receiving a lot of attention why not reunite like every other metal band?

We are done at this time. None of us have the time to get back to doing that project.

In an alternate universe would it be cool to tour with an aging Minor Threat lineup?

Although it would be interesting I would decline. They did something very original and we are mere copycats. Plus, they are excellent musicians and they would make us sound like amateurs.