VIDEO PREMIERE: The Gates of Slumber’s “Death March”

Massive, hirsute man mountains, the members of The Gates of Slumber are the living avatars of the music that they play. Their behemoth doom strides powerfully back through the mists of time, crushing all in its path. In the likely event that you’ve never heard them, the kind folks at Scion AV have given you the perfect opportunity with the release of the 100% free Stormcrow EP. If that doesn’t crush your soul enough, and if you want to see three burly dudes from Indianapolis slamming out St. Vitus-inspired tunes in a black and white graveyard, they also made a video for “Death March,”  directed by somebody called MonkeyEatsMonkey. We here at Decibel have the exclusive premiere. But that’s not all! We have a behind-the-scenes video which proves that even doom guys can smile, and an interview giving you a peek behind the wall of sleep. Bow before all that is heavy.

Behind The Scenes of “Death March”

Interview with the Gates of Slumber

Download the EP here: