STREAMING: Ladder Devils “Limited Too” + Top 5

Normally, we preface a streaming tune with some irreverent (but oddly salient) details of the band and song we’re streaming to the Deci-faithful. This time, however, we’re going to let Philadelphia’s Ladder Devils own Matt Leo (ex-Minor Times) do the talking (note: salient details oddly missing) via a Post-Apocalyptic Movies Top 5, which is absolutely brilliant as there are only 143 days left before the world ends.

1. 28 Days Later:
Favorite movie of all time. Empty London scenes kill me. Soundtrack kills. Story rules. Danny Boyle is the man.

2. The Road:
The only thing I like more than the end of the world is Cormac Mcarthy. Actually, I think Cormac Mcarthy may be the end of the world. Awesome because the actual apocalypse is a total footnote. “Things were really hard…Then the whole fucking world ended… and then some real shit went down.”

3. Mad Max:
I’ve actually given this some thought. If it goes south tomorrow, my first order of business would also be to soup something up, and start wrecking everything.

4. 12 Monkeys:
Bruce Willis pulls his own teeth. Brad Pitt wants you to get out of his chair. Terry Gilliam has been making me ill at ease since I saw Time Bandits.

5. A Boy and His Dog:
The love interest gets eaten. Solid.

** Ladder Devils’ new album, Nowhere Plans, is out June 26th on Brutal Panda Records. It’s available on vinyl (500 copies) and in vinyl+t-shirt combo packs, which are kind of radical if t-shirts are part of your wardrobe. Clicken Sie HIER.

** Ladder Devils will release their record and support a rejuvenated Harkonen on June 16th at Kung Fu Necktie. Starts 7 p.m. sharp! Also performing are Whores and The Atlas Moth. Click HERE for details. So salient.