STREAMING: Binah’s “Dissolution”

We don’t hear about nearly enough good death metal from the U.K lately. Grind or doom? There are bands aplenty. Death metal? Not nearly enough, although our savvy readers will list every band I’ve forgotten in the comment section.
While you are doing that take a minute to stream “Dissolution” from Binah’s Hallucinating in Resurrecture, which will be released July 24 by Dark Descent. The album reminds us a touch of Vasaeleth’s scorcher Crypt Born And Tethered To Ruin. The guys have also spent ample time with Incantation and Immolation’s back catalog. The promo claims that “Hallucinating in Resurrecture is pure death.” Take a listen and tell us what you think.

Hallucinating in Resurrecture track listing:

Into the Psychomanteum (Intro)

Morbid Obumbration

A New Rotten Dawn

The Emissary

Absorption into the Unearthly

Eminence of the Sombre (Instrumental)

Hallucinating in Resurrecture


Crepuscular Transcendence

Buried Baptistry (Outro)

Connect with Binah on their Facebook page. The album is available for preorder at Dark Descent.