Exclusive Premiere: New Live Rwake 7″

The same folks, Handshake, Inc., who had the good sense to bring you Managing Editor Andrew Bonazelli’s latest mixed-media masterpiece, DTV, have provided us with two exclusive like Rwake tracks from a very special upcoming 7″.
The two savage tunes, “Forge” and “Imbedded”—both from If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die—were recorded in 2004 in Bozeman, MT. More recently, however, Billy Anderson remastered them for public consumption. And now, Handshake is releasing them on 7″ vinyl only. That means no digital at all.

The 7″ will be exclusively available from the band at upcoming gigs and at Maryland Death Fest X, May 24-27, where Handshake will have booth selling MDF the Movie 1 and 2, and vinyl copies of Sulaco’s Build and Burn and Surachai’s To No Avail, as well as some vinyl of the newly pressed Drugs of Faith LP, Corroded. And if you haven’t already pick up Bonzo’s DTV, it’ll be for sale there, too.