Justin Broadrick previews “Punchdrunk” from forthcoming JK Flesh album

In what should be received as manna from heaven to all those waiting for new Godflesh material, Justin K. Broadrick has released another promo edit from the forthcoming JK Flesh LP, Posthuman. Released through UK label 3by3 on 30 April, Posthuman sees Broadrick resurrect his Techno Animal nom de guerre for another harsh excursion into claustrophobic industrial music. At first blush, it is an album that seems to lean heavily towards the cloying bleakness of Greymachine, expanding on his work with Godflesh and a world away from the direction that Broadrick has been mining in the redemptive Jesu.
Broadrick has long since decamped to of rural Wales, but Posthuman draws instead on his upbringing amidst the soot, toil and factory sweat of England’s industrial heartland, sounding more like a score for some Eraserhead V2.0 reboot than it does Sleeping Furiously. All of his signature flourishes are there, his guitar and voice disintegrating in a fug of electronica. When we last spoke to Broadrick, he was sounding like a man who was at peace with himself, but still enthusiastic about finding new ways of articulating that sense of alienation and isolation inherent to all of us poor suckers hemmed in the big city. While Posthuman sounds way less human, and is more abstract and experimental than the primal groove of Godlesh, it still resonates with the same stark negativity. Amen to that.

This is the third track from Posthuman that Justin and 3by3 have previewed, with promo edits of “Knuckledragger” and “Idle Hands” having already circulated in recent weeks. If you haven’t heard them already… Well, fill your boots.


**Broadrick will be appearing at Roadburn 2012, DJing as JK Flesh, and performing on Saturday with Jesu.**