STREAMING: Cripple Bastards’ “Senza Impronte”

Extreme music from Italy is usually coifed with keyboards, frilly shirts or over-songwriting. Sure, there are exceptions–as always–but few truly brutal Italian bands take it to the listener direct-like. Of course, Cripple Bastards, arguably the country’s most infamous (all the adjectives that go with infamous like “controversial,” “disgusting,” “revolting,” “uncouth,” etc.) grindcore outfit, have been dishing out direct-like for two-plus decades, with a dizzying discography to match. That’s right. While Rhapsody, Lacuna Coil and Fleshgod Apocalypse run around in a haute metal disposition, the Bastards’ take on things blasty, crusty, extreme and DIY–though, to be fair, they did record an album at Fredman Studios–is far more common man. No high concepts. Just down-to-Earth, salt-the-Earth grindcore.
Needless to say, we’re psyched as a skateboarder on a vintage Zorlac–yes, I was one and owned my fair share of Zorlacs–that “Senza Impronte,” the title track off Cripple Bastards’ new Relapse Records 7-inch, is streaming right here, right now.

FUN FACT: Cripple Bastards are banned from inclusion on Metal Archives.

** Cripple Bastards’ new 7-inch, Senza Impronte, is out April 24th on Relapse Records. It’s available HERE for a modest price by a bunch of good dudes who run one of the longest standing UG metal labels in the US of A. Sweet.