Royal Thunder added to open Atlanta date of the Decibel Magazine Tour

If you were to ask us to describe Atlanta, Georgia’s Royal Thunder, we’d probably have to say, “Well, John, they sound a lot like getting your ass kicked by a ’70s-era Tony Iommi while he was a coke and HP Lovecraft bender.” If you were to ask us, “What the hell does that mean?” We’d have to say, “OK, look, John. Imagine Led Zeppelin exquisitely informed by Anton LaVey but without all the boo-in-the-night schtick. How’s that?” Actually, we’d just tell John and his fellow seekers of the heavy to just listen to the heavy modern throwback sounds of Royal Thunder and quit asking us to neatly silo a band which isn’t neatly siloed.
“Being a part of the Decibel Magazine Tour is something we are all excited about,” adds Royal Thunder bassist/vocalist MLny Parsonz. “The bill consists of: Behemoth,Watain, the Devil’s Blood and In Solitude. We are honored to be included. Decibel Magazine showcases truly talented bands, and to be associated with that is a privilege. That being said, we feel a draw to what Decibel Magazine is doing. More specifically, the Decibel Magazine Tour because we can identify and relate. We are excited to be a part of a bill that holds so many different styles of music, yet we all fit into the same genre. Each band brings they’re own unique sound and I feel like the diversity will make for a great night/tour, of heavy music.”

Royal Thunder will exclusively play until your head explodes at the Masquerade:
May 2 – Atlanta, GA – BUY TICKETS

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