Extras needed: Appear in HBO’S Treme with EYEHATEGOD

EyeHateGod fans harboring aspirations of appearing on an Emmy-nominated TV show should put on their best fucked-up face, get a photo taken and send it to Caballero Casting quicksmart. The Louisiana casting agency are looking for extras for this week’s Treme shoot, on in which the show’s creators will be dispensing with the trumpets and marching jazz band root-a-toot for five minutes and replacing it with EyeHateGod‘s righteously gnarly downtuned sludge ‘n’ howl.
The word on the streets of Facebook says that the shoot will take place on Wednesday (2/15) and you’ll get 100 bucks and change for eight hours of your time… NOLA residents preferred. Not only do you get to stand about in the background, doing your bit for Southern Nihilsm and having a genuine “Hi Mom!” moment, but you’ll be getting paid for your time, too—yeah, paid to stand around and hang out with EyeHateGod; that’s a rare privilege, one that’s usually reserved for dealers and cops.

For more details and to be in with a chance of appearing, email a photo and contact info to [email protected] SUBJECT:EYEHATEGOD.

Treme is a solid piece of hard-times drama, set in a post-Katrina New Orleans, and is created by Eric Overmeyer and David Simon, the latter a two-time Emmy winner for The Corner, but Simon is more famous for being the former Baltimore Sun crime reporter who wrote and produced The Wire. Fans of The Wire jonesing to hear Wendell Pierce (Bunk) say “motherfucker” again will be glad to know he plays leading character Antoine Batiste.

Given that the show is primary jazz and soul and all that, a bit like this….

….It’ll be good to deaden the mood with “Sister Fucker” or “Kill Your Boss” or similarly empassioned lifestyle protest song.

We’ve not been assed to read through the Ts & Cs and all, but suspect you won’t get your own trailer and will have to do what the director says or you’re finished in this business. But c’mon, acting’s a tough gig; you gotta start somewhere, and wasn’t Harrison Ford a carpenter on-set before becoming Han fucking Solo?