Join SIGH “Far Beneath the In-Between”

This morning Decibel has the distinct honor of premiering the latest aural/visual mindfuck from long-running Japanese experimental black metal practitioners SIGH. The track, “Far Beneath the In-Between,” is taken from the band’s upcoming Candlelight Records release In Somniphobia, an otherworldly, beguiling, frequently bizarre medley of various metals (black, traditional, prog) shot through with folk, jazz, classic rock, and epic psychedelia, not to mention at least one handclap bridge (“The Transfiguration Fear Lucid Nightmares”). SIGH’s ninth album may be many things, but it never gets in the same zipcode as boring or orthodox.

In addition to the virtues listed above, photographic evidence gleaned from Facebook suggests SIGH knows how to party. Hard. (Click through for the “after” shot.)