Flesh Parade Installment 2: “Everything Went Black” Tattoo

Ah! It’s wonderful to get a tattoo up here that’s not on a man’s ass.
Jack, from the valley of the dolls, brings us this fantastic pale slab of Black Flag ink. He clearly had the right idea when he got it.

I don’t think you can fuck up with a Black Flag tat, and Jack scores infinite points for not simply getting the bars.

More points are awarded because the ribs can be harsh, and despite what you’d think, so can the hips.

Then I’m going to have to go ahead and give Jack more points because there are some nice, long, clean runs in there.

Since I do have to do at least one deduction, I will be subtracting points for the stray hairs around the nipple. I don’t like those. He should have airbrushed those out or something.

Then another addition for the quality of the photo. I feel like he has no armpit at all.

As it stands this tattoo gets a 9/10. Very original, highly professional, and significantly badass. Keith Morris would be proud.

And remember! If YOU have a heavy metal tattoo you’d like to share, then you can always shove your email address up your ass.

And I was wrong. You can fuck up a Black Flag tattoo.