Exclusive- Beneath Oblivion: ‘From Man to Dust’

Beneath Oblivion: ‘From Man to Dust’ by Decibel Magazine

Rarely do you hear a doom band so good at integrating other influences, from folk to death metal to experimental samples, while being so fucking good at also playing doom.

But Beneath Oblivion has created a record that will satisfy those who crave a new spin on the genre while winning over the purists with their massive, trudging riffs. Plenty of refreshing and unexpected movements allow From Man to Dust to go wherever the hell it wants while never straying from its focus on being a ghastly and sorrowful opus.

But the whole thing is right there for you to check out, so don’t let me stop you — go take an 80 minute lunch.

Head over to the Mylene Sheath site to pick this up.