The 2011 Goregrowlers Ball: Come Growl With Us

It’s been well established that the Maryland Death Fest is the favourite annual gathering for us around here at Decibel HQ as well as for a couple thousand of y’all as well. This shouldn’t be taken to mean that there aren’t other extreme metal pow-wows taking place on American soil worthy of your time, money, ringing ears, aching neck muscles and another opportunity to whip out those offensive-in-any-other-setting band shirts and, for the truly brave, that long-ignored pair of Purulent’s “100% Pedophilia” sweat pants.

Next week starting on Friday the 18th, the Korova in San Antonio, Texas hosts the fifth annual Goregrowlers Ball, a three-day, two-stage extravaganza of bands known throughout the underground to those just still unsigned to those somewhere in between. Check out the digital flyer above and contemplate the next time you’ll score the opportunity to see Singaporean horde Impiety as well as Florida’s Hellwitch play their entire Syzygal Miscreancy debut fromt-to-back. When will you ever witness Vaginal Bear Trap and Blowtorch Sodomy share the same stage? And there’s the little matter of nightly headliners Brutal Truth airing End Time for one of the first times, Exhumed’s always entertaining live performances and Suffocation karate-chopping their way into your hearts.

Being one of the Goregrowlers’ sponsors this year, Decibel will be present and accounted for with a table full of swag-o-la manned by yours truly. So, if you’re in the ‘hood, stop by and give ol’ KSP the one-finger salute and give me shit for that review of Red Chord’s Clients from like six years ago. Ticket info and running order is now up at the fest’s interhole hub: