A Tat Tribute to The King

If you’re like me, then you see these images all the time because you google the words “king diamond tattoo” everyday. For the rest of y’all, here is a crucial collection of the evilest ink out there.

Wow. That shit is as evil and grim as tattoos can get. Skull chalice full of blood really does it for me, and so does that ‘stache.

That looks pretty legit, but there’s a lot of white in there.

It’s wonderful to see the King so close to a nipple. Unfortunately, it looks that tat will be covered with chest pubes before it even heals.

One of the King after he beat down some tards who tried to jump him.

Looking particularly pouty in this one, clearly mean muggin’ some posers.

This one looks like it’s washing off. Still pretty grim, though.

Here’s a take on the King from his “Cats The Musical” period.

King’s X!  The only crucial sXe tattoo ever.

And this…wow…um, looks good. I can’t tell if it trumps them all or is a miserable flop. Let Them decide.

AND HEY! If you have any extreme metal tattoos worth sharing, send em’ to [email protected]

We would love to feature some reader submissions on the blog. Just keep that shit trve and brutal or else strangers will tear it down.