The End is Nigh for Mark Rudolph’s Wicked Comic

When Decibel needs their Reviews illustration for every issue or the dopest drawing of Glenn Danzig ever wet-dreamed about, we go to Mark Rudolph.
But there is more to Mr. Rudolph than Municipal Waste vomiting. In fact he is on his way to Kickstarting an amazing 70-page graphic novel.

A reimagining of the short Lovecraft story Dagon, this is a tale of shipwrecks, ghouls and morphine. In other words, it’s some real bleak ass shit. Also:

“The book is also an experiment to do as much of the art on-the-page as possible and not rely on digital tones or lettering. I ended up using a brush pen for inks and a Copic marker to tone, with the lettering being done by my father in cursive to reflect the narrative device of the letter.”

There are, as of this writing, 43 days to go and the man needs to collect less than a thousand bucks. The best part is that for only $25 you get a signed copy of the book, an exclusive postcard and a .pdf so you won’t even have to crack its sweet spine. (Pay more and we’re into original art territory and probably a grim backrub.)

This isn’t just a bro deal, people. This is a serious artist doing some serious art. But if this chatter hasn’t convinced you, behold the trailer: