The Beast of the Apocalypse — “Henosis”

There’s a whole lot of scary to live up to when one christens a band The Beast of the Apocalypse, but on Henosis these down and dirty Dutch black metallers give the Dark One a run for his money. The Dictionary of Spiritual Terms defines henosis as “the soul’s purification, accomplished primarily through philosophy, culminates in noetic vision and finally in mystical union,” but I feel more like Beelzebub just sent me an awesome-yet-unsettling mix tape.

“The self-titled track, ‘Henosis,’ is for us the perfect balance point on the album as it captures best what we wish to convey with our music — primitive, mystical atmospheres and states of complete frenzy,” H.T. Mozes, one half of the TBOTA duo, tells Decibel. “The inspiration from this peculiar track comes directly from our interpretation, on various planes of understanding, of the One, Henosis.”

Right. Well…check out the track for yourself below. Album artwork after the jump.

Henosis by Decibel Magazine