STREAMING: Necrodeath “Awakening of Dawn”

Metal is pervasive. It has no geographic restrictions. There are few countries worldwide—at least according to Metal Archives—that don’t have a grimace-faced metal act waiting to bash heads in and rebel against the shit that gets ‘em down. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Italy’s Necrodeath at one point or another. In fact, you’ve probably said, “Hey, Necrodeath. Cool. But I’d rather spend my idle time drinking a bologna-broccoli smoothie.”
Well, if you haven’t heard of Necrodeath let’s introduce the Italian thrashers. Born in Liguria, a coastal region of Italy where Genoa salami originates, in the year of ’87, Necrodeath started its low profile—at least here in the states—career with debut album, Into the Macabre. All 10 of us heard it, but those who did found a band subsiding on a steady diet of Slayer, Celtic Frost, Venom, Bulldozer, and Kreator. Hey, put those four bands in a press release now, ship it out to various, hipster metal-only forum members, and Acrostikill (made up for purposes of this piece) would be the next best thing since a Masters Hammer vinyl-only boxset made out of real Czech wood and virgin tears. Alas, Necrodeath ain’t Acrostikill. They’re real. True, they’ve had their respective ups (Fragments of Sanity) and downs (Ton(e)s of Hate and Draculea), but the compilation, The Age of Fear, allows metallically keen metaldudes a chance to sample (essentially the “ups”) the group’s high-powered viciousness without resorting to horrible YouTube streams or paying a king’s ransom for original presses.

Check out “Awakening of Dawn”, which comes from 2009 album, Phylogenesis.
Necrodeath – Awakening of Dawn by Decibel Magazine

** Necrodeath’s Age of Fear is out June 14th on Scarlet Records. Order it here.