Plop Culture Dump O the Day: Hesher Likes It Dirty

Hesher is a movie about Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, looking like a young, malnourished Phil Anselmo) who helps prepubescent T.J. endure the abject misery that is his life. Hesher does so by burning houses, walking around in his tighty-whiteys, and basically being a slovenly turd. “Cliff Burton was a big, big inspiration for my character,” Gordon-Levitt told Entertainment Weekly. Hesher even sports Burton’s Misfits tattoo. We at the Deciblog weren’t privy to previews because producer Natalie Portman didn’t invite us. Jerk. So here are some select snippets of Hesher-related articles from other, less kvlt publications and blogs.

“I’d send [Gordon-Levitt] clips of Cliff Burton… one thing that I read about him was he used to wear bell bottoms in the ‘80s and it was just out of style. Everyone gave him a hard time about it and he said this is what I wear, I don’t care what you think. He wasn’t interested in being a rock star, he wanted to make music, that’s all he cared about… he wasn’t about stadium shows, he was about music. So I think that’s what Hesher really liked about him.” —writer/director Spencer Susser,

The straggly hair is a wig, a necessary concession because Gordon-Levitt couldn’t grow that much hair quickly enough. “Everytime they put it on me, I kept saying ‘go dirtier and dirtier,’ ” he said. —

“All of his tattoos have to do with death, except for the middle finger on his back,” Gordon-Levitt said. “But I guess f—ing is the opposite of death.” —

He’s like Wayne and Garth and Beavis and Butthead combined, grown old, and gone mad. —

A heavy metal “Hallmark Hall of Fame” special. —Washington Times

Speaking of that middle-finger finale, there is one redeeming trait: At least it signals the end credits. —USA Today

Nothing is gained from this, no matter how well acted; it’s filmmaking as punishment. —Miami Herald

Photo: Merrick Morton, Wrekin Hill Entertainment