STREAMING: Enslaved “Alu Misyrki”

Today is a good day for Enslaved nerds (I’m one of them!). Scion AV, yes the company responsible for free, rules-all concerts with dream-like line-ups, and Enslaved have teamed up for The Sleeping Gods EP, an offshoot release from last year’s dB-approved Axioma Ethica Odini full-length. Comprised of five tracks spanning 28 minutes, The Sleeping Gods is Enslaved through and through.

“Alu Misyrki”, which is the track you will hear below, recalls Enslaved’s-post Below the Lights era while retaining the bite of Hall of Fame album, Frost. Also, there’s a nice little Bathory touch right at the start of the solo, which is always a sure thing from bands from Bergen. Anyway, turn up the volume and rock out.

** Enslaved’s The Sleeping Gods is out today on Scion AV as a digital download and on CD.

PS. Enslaved are also honorary members of our Flexi Series. Although the issue (dB #76) is sold out, you can stream “The Watcher” (Live) here. Neat.