Plop Culture Dump O the Day: Thor Fans Reprazent

Photo: Tony Swatton

Thor reigned supreme this weekend, earning $65.7 million with his bulbous hammer. No one was more amped than a sector of humanity known as the Norse Hollywood Dining Vikings. These Viking enthusiasts showed up for the movie at a theater in Glendale, California—a hotbed of Norse activity if ever there was one. (The leader of the NHDV, Tony Swatton, is a real-life blacksmith who actually made props for the movie.) According to their Facebook page, the NHDV “are a group of fun loving vikings and valkeryies determined to conquer the world, one meal at a time! We are ready to FEED!” From what I gather, these people dress up and go out to dinner, which is exactly what my family does from time to time, except we don’t wear helmets and breastplates, which is why we are a boring family.