STREAMING: Morbid Angel “Nevermore”

Anticipation is a strange thing, man. Since frontman David Vincent re-joined longstanding death metallers Morbid Angel in 2004, fans from Chicago to the outermost regions of space have looked forward to the follow-up to non-David Vincent fronted Heretic. Actually, not just looked forwarded to, but debated endlessly and heatedly on Internet forums, in livingrooms, and at concerts. Just what would Morbid Angel 2011 sound like. A continuation of Heretic? Some kind of throwback homage to Domination? Or something entirely new? Well, folks, here’s one more tune, in the otherworldly form of “Nevermore”, for you to debate endlessly and heatedly about.
Give it a listen and sound off here and on our Facebook page. We know you, like us, have an opinion on Morbid Angel 2011.

Morbid Angel – Nevermore by Decibel Magazine

** Morbid Angel’s new album, Illud Divinum Insanus, is out June 7th, 2011. Pre-order it here.