STREAMING: Hate Eternal “Lake Ablaze”

Discovery Channel has Shark Week. Decibel Magazine has Stream Week. We’ve ‘streamiered’ (copyright, please) Septicflesh’s “A Great Mass of Death” (Season of Mist), In Solitude’s “Serpents Are Rising” (Metal Blade), and now we’re saving the best — Decibel Editor-in-Chief Albert Mudrian has officially screamed the following platitude while standing on his desk both hands outstretched to the Heavens, “The best death metal record I’ve heard in FOREVER!” — for last. That’s right, Decizens. We’re premiering the new Hate Eternal track “Lake Ablaze” (Metal Blade) from the group’s upcoming album, Phoenix Amongst the Ashes.
If Albert uses all caps “FOREVER” and ends it with an exclamation point “!” it’s a sure sign he’s endorsed the record to the fullest extent possible, which is kind of rare in the grand scheme of things. So, if you trusted Albert and his editorial ways in Decibel, Choosing Death, and Precious Metal, then Phoenix Amongst the Ashes must be, in Fenriz parlance, “the bee’s knees”.

Don’t trust Albert? Then maybe Erik Rutan, Hate Eternal’s niceguy-firebrand, is more to your liking: “‘Lake Ablaze’ is a song that starts with a traditional kind of Hate Eternal vibe to it, but travels down a much more heavier and darker path. With its sinister dynamics and truly creepy aura, I think this song really stands out for its unique elements and is just pure evil to the ears. Every song on this album is very unique from one another, so this is one of many journeys people will endure while listening to Phoenix Amongst The Ashes.”

Hate Eternal: “Lake Ablaze” by Decibel Magazine

** Hate Eternal’s new album, Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, is in stores and online May 10, 2011. Check out another track, “Haunting Abound”, and pre-order the album here.