Bye-Bye K.K.

Anyone want to add a circle and line over my man K.K. Downing because he has left Judas Priest before their fake farewell tour.

One of the band’s founding members has decided to hang up his flying V after 40 goddamn years, citing internal problems with “elements of the band” and management. I’m not sure what these could be but I’d hazard to say it might have something to do with Halford saying like two months ago they were quitting and then turning around and talking about writing a new album and how of course they’re not quitting. Okay, maybe that’s just something that pisses me off. But obviously Downing felt strongly enough that he couldn’t even do one more tour with the band he founded 40 fucking years ago.

Any theories, ladies and gentlemen? What could infuriate the 59-year old so bad he had to jump ship?

Think about it while you munch on these sweet Priest videos:

Oh, and they got some new guy who played guitar for the daughter of Steve Harris. Don’t care.