Who is Scarier: Big Brother or Freddy Cricien?

Ever wonder what Vinnie Stigma would do if he encountered a litter bug while playing chess in a little piazza? The new video for the Madball track “All or Nothing” off Empire has the answer: He’d tell the punk to keep Brooklyn beaut-ee-ful, or else. Actually, prowling around the city looking for at-risk youth is apparently what the much-feared DMS clique is up to these days. Once they’ve netted themselves a premie badass, Freddy Madball n’ crew shows the kiddies the error of their reprobate ways and nudges them into some more posi pursuit. Like stage diving at a hardcore show, for example. See for yourself:

Inspiring, right? Is New York City Hardcore the only thing standing between us and dystopian nightmare David Lynch once gave us a breakdown-short glimpse of?

Could be! If Madball’s civic improvement project is a success perhaps the band will re-record “Pride (Times Are Changing)” with a new refrain–“Times are changing–for the better!”–and a video set not at some post-industrial hideout but, say, a recycling facility or the rec room of the old age home. (Hoya plays Parcheesi with residents to demonstrate proper respects is a direction I would love to see in a script for a music video…)

Speaking of hero complexes, The Damned Things take the tongue-in-cheek superhero route with the video for “We’ve Got A Situation Here,” a song with a not-quite-there circa 2005 Every Time I Die demo and a Jersey Shore-tainted title, but any video where Scott Ian accidentally disintegrates an old lady is probably worth a click. Fair warning, though, you ironic irony peddlers — uh, sorry, ironiclasts — Madball ever catches you doing that sort of thing for real, they’ll set it off. And by “it” I of course mean a real conversation about the emotional turmoil causing you to act out. [Damned Things video after the jump…]