WTF o’ the Day: The Grammys Gave This Lady a Stroke (Maybe)

The Grammys caused a commotion last night with two major shockers—Justin Bieber was denied and then Arcade Fire got top honors with Album of the Year. Right, we know, you don’t give a shit about either, whatever, but the craziness was too much for CBS reporter Serene Branson. After the jump, watch a video of her talking mad gibberish and slurring her words. Was it a stroke? Reports are unclear…

We’re not doctors or anything, but if that’s not a stroke, pour us a double shot of whatever the hell’s in her thermos.

We’ve been hammered to the tits on moonshine and worse, and even we haven’t been that incomprehensible (hopefully). News reports are, so far, unreliable. Some say Branson did in fact have a stroke and went to the hospital, but the Daily News says she got checked out by EMT on the scene and went home. Either way, we wish Branson well and congratulate her for having the most original performance of the night.