Top 5 Metal Albums You Should Work-The-Fuck-Out To! by Charles Elliott (Abysmal Dawn)

By Charles Elliott (Abysmal Dawn)
Decibel asked me to create a list of top 5 (insert inane subject here) things for their blog so this is what I came up with. I wasn’t big on working out really until maybe a year and half ago when I started going through a real rough patch in my life. Sometimes just metal isn’t enough to keep you from either going on a homicidal killing spree or drinking yourself into a coma. That’s how I learned to combine the two, just as many a wise metalhead have done before me.

Working out and listening to metal can be the best and cheapest therapy your broke ass can buy. In turn, keeping your criminal record clean (i.e., no homicides or DUI’s), which is a big plus when you’re a touring musician trying to get into other countries.

So these are some records I like to work out to (aside from our super-pissed new album Leveling the Plane of Existence) and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

5. Suffocation – Despise the Sun
I put this thing on and I feel like sprinting a mile. This record is just so intense the whole time and really short, so it’s great for a quick cardio work out. I feel like I could lift a house practically when the first breakdown in “Funeral Inception” comes on. Amazing.

4. Strapping Young Lad – City/Alien (tie)
I can’t really decide on which record is better. City is a classic of course but Alien to me feels more spastic and intense. Devin Townsend is completely off his meds/rocker on these ones and his insanity inspires me to push myself that much harder. As a side note, listening to Devin Townsend Band for your cool down period is also recommended.

3. Pantera – Far Beyond Driven
You can’t be a gym rat and not have this fucking record in your iPod. This band and album are the epitome of fuck you metal, and the inspiration for your high school football team to pick on your pansy ass. Hands down every riff and lyric on this album opens up the testosterone floodgates. If people don’t listen to Pantera at your gym you probably live in an alternative life style part of town.

2. Nile – Annihilation of the Wicked
Put this record on when jogging and trying to match the pace of George Kollias the whole time. If you get through the long ass guitar solo in “Cast Down the Heretic” you have fought though the initial pain, and are on your way to experiencing what they call the runners high.

1. Behemoth – Evangelion
My favorite record of theirs for sure. They’re one of those bands that writes songs that demand to be played live. The energy of this album just gets my blood flowing every time. This record kills girlie men, Christians and cancer. They’re unfuckinstopable!

Honorable mentions:
Fear Factory – Mechanize / Demanufacture
Aborted – Goremageddon
At The Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
Sepultura – Beneath the Remains
Slayer – Reign in Blood
Vital Remains – Dechristianize
Keep of Kalessin – Reptilian
Machine Head – Burn My Eyes
Lamb of God – Wrath
** Abysmal Dawn’s Leveling the Plane of Existence is out now on Relapse Records. Order it here.