Gnarls Barkley Kills Ladies & Wears Spikes…

Alright, so maybe the title of Cee Lo Green’s solo album The Lady Killer has a certain death-metal-circa-1991 throwback feel to it and, sure, the first single “Fuck You” likewise encapsulates some cross-genre sentiments, but I can’t be the only one surprised to learn the Gnarls Barkley frontman is not only not actually named Gnarls Barkley (!?) but is also an unapologetic classic metalhead, right? Green tells Q:

“Rock n roll always spoke to me. Judas Priest had the look that I liked — when I was young I wanted to wear spikes. I like things to be sincere and Black Sabbath was the most genuinely evil music that I heard. When I first started to smoke weed I fell in love with ‘Planet Caravan.'”

Sounds like Green should motor over to Nola for a superjoint ritual bro-down with this month’s Decibel cover boy! (I can see it now: Anselmo busting the Atlanta soul singer’s balls for being in a group that took an acronym for “the GOOD DIE Mostly Over Bullshit” as its name; Green gives back good as he gets by singing theatrical falsetto versions of Power Metal songs; Paranoid blasts in the background so loudly Geezer’s bass makes the thick smoke encasing them both tremble…)

Another interesting tidbit from the feature: Green’s mother sent him to a hardcore military school at age 15 — “I was a terror, man,” the singer admits — which mirrors the plight of his Metal Militia comrade Cyrus of the classic Mountain Goats track “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton,” written by Decibel columnist John Darnielle, who also penned a fine book on Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality and a song called “Going to Georgia.” Coincidence? Or are the stars aligning for a Gnarls Barkley-Mountain Goats blackened grind death supergroup project to overtake The Real Housewives as ATL’s hottest export?