STREAMING: Amon Amarth “Slaves of Fear” Worldwide Exclusive

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Amon Amarth - by Steve Brown

Awaken from your slumber you filthy Vikings! It’s time for battle! Make damned sure your Stiklestad swords are sharp, your shields mended, every link in your chainmail strong, and your helms strapped. And don’t forget those vambraces, my blood-thirsty mates! Last time Alvar forgot his and he got a nasty flesh-wound on his left forearm. There’s a reason he’s now known as Alvar the Right! But one more thing. We need song! Song that ignites us! Song that makes us feel as if no opponent is too great! Song that will ensure our victory! That song is…

‘Slaves of Fear’

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Non-fantasy digression: OK, maybe we’ve been trying to finish the late Robert Jordan’s Towers of Midnight novel. The thing’s a monster! But damned if it doesn’t make us feel like listening to Amon Amarth’s ‘Slaves of Fear’ at obscene volumes. But we always wonder: what’s the song about? An uprising of well-trained Viking slaves? Fearful residents of Lindisfarne? Better let Drummer Fredrik Andersson explain:

“‘Slaves Of Fear’ is not the all-typical Amon Amarth song. It was one of the last songs we finished for the album and what makes this song a little bit different is the collaboration between me and [guitarist] Olavi [Mikkonen] as songwriters. Usually, most songs are written by Olavi and [guitarist] Johan [Söderberg]. It’s definitely one of the darkest songs we’ve ever written and the main/intro riff is my personal tribute to the passing of Ronnie James Dio as the riff came to me after listening to Holy Diver. Lyrically, it’s about how religions keep people under its control and  from thinking for themselves. It includes some of the most angry lyrics [vocalist] Johan [Hegg] has written and they kind of remind me of ‘The Sound Of Eight Hooves’ [off 2001’s The Crusher full-length] in a way. It works exceptionally well with the melancholic feel of the riffs.”

** Amon Amarth’s new album, Surtur Rising, is out Mar. 29, 2011 on Metal Blade Records. Pre-order it here.

  • Anitzalucic

    great work!!!

  • Caomhnoiraingeal

    that was brutal and amazing, amon amarth never fail to get me headbanging and poorly attempt to imitate Johan’s voice m/

  • Anonymous Amarth

    Awesome. LOVE the vinyl crackle at the end.

  • guest

    I listen to a lot of Amon Amarth I have everything they have put out. Being Active Duty Army it helps get you in the mindset. I have to say this one might have to grow on me some.

  • Howlingwulf

    Can’t wait for the album. Awesome song. Inspires the Viking in my soul m/

  • Krost

    Man this song is so amazing. I can’t wait til u come to Brasil again.

  • F1rlz

    Amon Amarth is the best metal band ever. They are very reliable and they never fail to come up with new bad ass songs!

  • Tobysfig

    I like this a lot better than War of the Gods, which I liked a lot. Anyone agree?

    • Mik73

      Yeah this seems to have more ‘meat’ to it. Problem is I just can’t get the main melody/riff/chorus part of WotG outta my head. Too damn catchy. But so far I’m liking what I’m hearing from this album.

  • NexusWarlord

    the album will be great..the two songs that are already released are great and kick ass…can´t wait to hear them one by one again and again m/

  • Cptn Wookie

    Loving the Towers of Midnight reference

  • Austin Sharktopus Nutter


  • Anonymous

    This is really awesome! m/

  • Soulflying

    Mycket cool

  • Niek

    Mjum mjum mjum!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Amon Amarth! Surtur Rising is going to be EPIC!

  • Boony200
  • zombierituals87

    amazing new track, cant wait to hear the whole album, Amon Amarth never disapoints me

  • Ozdemonslayer

    bubble gum metal at best. But hey, thats cool for u kids. When ur ready to graduate try something serious like DeathMetal.

    • Wainamoinen

      Mene lapsi vittuun

    • Drunkenviking666

      dude, just fuck u :D
      this band is simply amazing

    • Yeah

      what is your suggestion

    • Njdevils950003

      Somebody does not either like melodic death metal and the fact beauty and brutality can be one with each otber creating a epic force to be reckoned with. Only than do you understand the true feeling of Amon Amarth. This song reminds me of the Crusher album and as fan of their older shit i love this track. Plus its a tribute to RJD so bubble gum metal my ass.

    • F1rlz

      you are a faggot!!

    • Opeth1992

      What’s it like to be incompetent? Obviously you aren’t a true metal fan if you are unable to appreciate Amon Amarth’s music, and refer to it condescendingly as “bubble gum metal”. Last time I checked, this wasn’t a new song by We Came As Romans or The Devil Wears Prada…

    • metallion99

      If it’s bubblegum metal then why are wasting your elderly man’s time posting negative comments against Amon Amarth?

    • Batmanzlegacy

      someone get me an axe!!! imma cut ozdemonslayers head off

    • net

      You know it’s funny because guys like you who think there’s something more mature about those extreme death metal bands are the REAL children. The reason why people like different genres is because the music means something different to each of us. No matter how you slice it Amon Amarth’s music is fun to listen to and makes you wanna get up and fist pump. Stop trying to make yourself feel like more of a man by “looking down” at people who have more evolved taste than yourself.

  • Drose

    EPIC, so sick, I love these guys

  • Aaron Frost


  • Aaron Frost


  • Caius

    Helllllll yah!! That was awesome!! One of my fav bands ever!!

  • Warg!

    This a great brutal and contagiant song!! SUTUR RISING!!

  • Andvi

    Just waiting for the rest of the Holy Diver Riff :P haha but still very nice

  • Viking4ever

    this album will be FUCKIN EPIC

  • Renanbotter


  • Exile29

    That solo at the end is so fucking brutally beautiful.

  • Quinton

    God this is awesome, i wish they didn’nt release it until the album comes out though.

  • KörperKlaus

    The melody is a bit like Primordials “The Coffin Ships”. Sounds great!

  • Jimm23

    Every album is better than last. there song writing is only getting better

  • Mik73

    Ima craft me an Iron Axe in Minecraft and slaughter every living thing I see in honour of that epic picture.

    Insane track too. March 25th move your a**.

  • Guest

    Old AA wasn’t bad but this is just fuckin ridiculous. Nothing but a greedy money machine. Lollipop ‘death metal’ for kids.

    • Viking

      ur queer. Go listen to some Justin Bieber. U slam a band and then over no alternative. Why the hell does ur opinion matter? it doesn’t.

    • Guest

      They have a signature sound. The only difference between older AA and newer AA is that the newer has a more clean production that is less sloppy which isn’t bad since they’re very melodic. Yeah, it sounds like a professionally produced band now rather than a broke ass start up, but they’ve kept their signature sound and that is good enough for the fans.

  • Tyrimen

    Brutal song, the ending was really epic!

  • Metalman64

    i can’t wait for the album. this and war of the gods were iffy at first, but i kept listening to them and they have grown on me drastically. i was not too keen on twilight of the thunder god as much as with oden on our side, which is my favorite album. but this looks like it could come close. LOKES TREACHERY PART 2!!!!!!!!!

  • Alhof morgan

    great song amon amarth ….you´´re the best….

  • Matt Weaver

    fucking badass

  • SEO Melbourne

    nice song