Oozing wound

Infected Or Infectious? Exclusive Oozing Wound Premiere!

August 8, 2014

No need to ponder the true secret of the ooze any longer: We’ve got an exclusive stream of a ultra sick new track from Chicago thrash mavens Oozing Wound. It’s entitled “Drug Reference” and will, moments from now, commence fucking with your head… “Drug Reference” is an entry in the excellent Adult Swim Singles Program…

Secret of the Ooze: An Interview with Oozing Wound’s Zack Weil

August 6, 2013

Thrill Jockey are known mostly for their weird post-rock and experimental psych acts like Trans Am, Barn Owl, Eternal Tapestry, and Tortoise. And that stuff is great, and we cover it, but it’s always a slightly uncomfortable match with the magazine. Recently, though, they’ve expanded into full-blown metal madness with Liturgy, the Body, and now…